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Disaster in Japan Should Act as a Serious Wake Up Call for Marin

Small Tidal Surge Hits Marin Region

A small tidal surge hit the Marin Coastal region yesterday morning as a direct result of the 8.9 earthquake in Japan on Friday morning. The surge struck the Southern Marin area about 9:22 am yesterday morning. Video footage is available on the Marin IJ's website from numerous areas acrossed our coastal region, including Richardson Bay. 


Although no damage resulted, it is clearly visible that the water line had receeded during the low tide before the surge came in. 

Disaster in Japan Should be a Serious Wake-up Call for Marin

Friday's devastating earthquake and tsunami should serve as a serious eye opener for all of us here in Marin County. The 8.9 magnitude earthquake was thousands of times stronger than Loma Prieta in 1989. It is only a matter of time before Marin and other areas of the west coast suffer the same catastrophic events.

 The California Coastline is part of the 'Pacific Ring of Fire' . These tectonic plates run deep under the ocean, and along our coastline. These plates are under constant stress from the movement of the ocean, and the rotation and gravitational pull of the earth.

It is imperative that we all take the threat seriously by being prepared. Have supplies in your car in the event a quick evacuation is needed. Always obey the directives and orders of local Public Safety officials if asked to evacuate. Get to higher ground as quickly and safely as possible in the event a tsunami warning is issued. Don't wait until the last moment. Most coastal regions of Japan had about 20-30 minutes between the earthquake and the tsunami. Never venture towards the water to view the tsunami, it's suicide. If we suffer a large scale earthquake, it should be assumed that a devastating tsunami will follow.

Lastly, have an emergency contact outside the immediate area so family members can call and check in to ensure family safety after a disaster.

To competely understand and grasp the devastation and power of the disaster, please watch the following attatchment from Japan.


You can also go to: http://www.pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/fire.html to view a map of the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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